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A peaceful but busy SOS Chai evening on the presqu’île de Caen. Think we served around 75 meals and had some lovely chats with the boys. I’m always impacted by their sweetness, when life has been tough; and sometimes they have endured terrible slavery or war. And all of them are along way from home, and in very tough insecure circumstances. Even just short verbale exchanges are precious memories. Tonight we played games, chatted and one lad spent ages drawing. We played with words in different languages to try and understand each other and to teach each other new words, and laughed at how much we misunderstood each other! But we always got there!

The two hours go so quickly, and as I’m reflecting on the evening, I’m feeling so grateful for the friendships we’ve built over the year, and how these 2 hour encounters are shaping me and teaching me so much.

Caen is a young and vibrant city where there are many opportunities for students. My prayers are that they are blessed in many ways, whilst Caen is their home, and that they experience welcome, kindness and opportunity here.

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