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A Joy and a Challenge

Sos chai is just such a joy and such a challenge, all at the same time.

Thank-you to all you who’ve given, supported us, and prayed for us over this past year.

Tonight was such a mix again of joyful & yet also challenging conversations! We had fun as boys tried on clothes, played football & games and joked around trying out different languages but we also talked of the mental stress of this time & squats being closed this week with boys having no where to sleep again, even tonight... and

we drove home past a young guy looking for accommodation & it’s those moments I find it all so very heartbreaking hard.

But I’m so very grateful for all that we were able to distribute tonight because so many have given generously, and for the connection and hope that is injected into such significant lives just simply by providing a home cooked meal or playing a card game with someone feeling low and lonely. So Thank-you and please keep supporting us as we seek to make a difference to a few young lads along way from home and looking for a better & safer life.

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