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Busy busy!

One crazy, busy, non stop evening at the presqu’île, as a large number of very hungry Sudanese’s lads waited for us to come. They were, as always, such a pleasure to serve. It’s always so rewarding to engage in conversations with them and build friendships because no one is in a hurry to rush away and there is so much for us all to learn about each other. We love their newly built, temporary communies that are real and caring. We have fun trying out language words across the many languages spoken, and laugh with each other at our attempts to learn new words and understand each other. I love the way they are so sweet and polite in their requests for what they need. I sense they love our joy as we bump into each other and try to get our act together prepping and serving food in an old ambulance!

These evenings are sometimes emotionally draining, physically demanding and from time to time, overwhelming but, always, so rewarding and genuinely one of the best ways to spend a couple of hours in Caen! It’s an honor to build friendships with some of bravest young guys I’ve met. They show courage and strength in their daily lives that is so inspiring.

Tonight they celebrated that the rain is finished for a few days at least and the sun is coming back. I hope and pray that as the sun comes up tomorrow that they will be encouraged and strengthened to keep going in such tough circumstances and stay full of hope and joy.

One lad moved me ,as he told me in leaving, that he prays God will bless me, and I pray tonight for each of them, that they will be richly blessed .

Another left us a little pot of plastic lilies, in the ambulance. They are grateful for our time and the food and practical help, but we are so grateful for these precious evenings and life shaping conversations with these young, hope-filled and gifted guys. Their strength and joy is always an inspiration and I’m learning even more, that In giving/serving, the treasure of receiving is deeper and richer than I ever imagined.

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