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The winter evenings are a little harder sometimes to judge what is needed. We load the van with all the goodies we can pull together twice a week, always including hot drinks, a meal and some basic sanitary basics, toothbrushes, razors and tissues.

Some boys really need a drink, or some food before they are able to relax abit and engage in conversation, sometimes they play games, but at the moment it’s more provision and conversation! I guess in the dark and cold, the primary needs are more heightened.

The other Sunday evening it was a short shift as it was very wet and cold. The boys had been very chatty and friendly and we we and served out all the food we had that night so we decided to clear up and get going as we had our carol service at Keys & Co to do.

Several of the boys walked past the entrance of the van where I was cleaning up to say thank you and good bye.

And then the last boy looked up at me with a big smile on his face and I’m sure I heard him say Immanuel.

I was so struck by this...and I replied with a God bless you.

Then we rushed off to do the carol concert where our opening song of course was all about Immanuel. These two acts of serving and worshipping are so tied up in each other, so much more connected than we often imagine. It’s in these acts of feeding the hungry and caring for the refugee that we really see and know the reality that God is with us, and that He is in the business of revealing himself to us. I pray that this Christmas you will experience Immanuel. He is longing to make himself known to you, and you may find him in surprising faces and places.

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