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'It demands a lot sometimes but is never unrewarding'

Last night was an active night for us on the presqu’île as we sought to encourage the lads through games, food and conversations. If you look in the distance of the group photo you can see the frame of their home that recently was dismantled to discourage them staying put on the presqu’île.

It’s so hard when they have so little and have lost so much already to see this happen.

We understand there are lots of complexities around this but it just feels so wrong that these young lives, who have survived so much, aren’t being provided the basics of fresh water, bread and shelter.

After a shift in the ambulance with SOS Chai, I’m always so painfully more aware, of how I take for granted my basic comforts.

Last night I was able to give out some nice trainers, and shorts, thanks to some finance that our recent Canadian mission team left us. They were so blessed and encouraged

In this season of football when everyone is enjoying wearing their sports gear, I’m going to seize the moment and ask you to consider donating to SOS Chai or sending us good quality sports clothes or trainers in small/medium sizes so we can bless these awesome guys who have so little. If you’d like to give do so online via our web, or email us for more info at

The boys are teaching Gerard and I so much and we remarked to each other after the shift yesterday, that we feel so blessed to be building these significant friendships in our lives.

It demands a lot sometimes but is never unrewarding.

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