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Party on the presqu’île!

Today we had our SOS Chai Christmas party! It was a very cold night but we gave gifts, barbecued, handed out lots of chocolate and cake and danced to keep warm. We even had our very own Father Christmas! (AKA Gary with a beard!)

The second boy I greeted wished me a happy Christmas and I am always struck by how warm they are towards us when their lives are so challenging. It was great to hand them freshly cooked burgers and tonight, now I’m home in the warm, I do hope and pray they are able to sleep safely and wake tomorrow morning feeling just a little more valued and a little more hopeful. They are all champions in our eyes as they seek to build a new life in a strange land. Precious lives that need celebration and moments of joy to remind them how much they matter.

We are also so aware how many people help us to make this happen. Tonight we distributed goodie bags to our team to say Merci, but thank you so much to all of you further a field who donate, send goods, support us in so many ways. SOS Chai is a growing team of people who generously give in so many ways and we are so so grateful to each one. Have a very blessed Christmas and Merci Beaucoup.

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