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Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Each week we have a shopping list to re-stock our ambulance with all that we need to feed the boys that come for their twice weekly meal - and to provide them with basic toiletries, which are so important to them.

Recently we have created a cellar of provisions in our little apartment in Caen, otherwise the shopping can be pretty time consuming in our busy weeks. Today is shopping and re-stocking day! One of items we need a lot of is wraps/flat breads, which can be very expensive here. For this item we regularly have to drive across town to buy them from a shop where we have discovered them at a low price. We load them up in the hundreds and smile sweetly at the girl behind the counter! It’s one of those shops where she has to scan every item! Occasionally we get to explain why we have such a strange combo in our baskets and why such huge quantities, other times we just smile and are grateful they are accommodating our strange load.

Every week a lot of work and time is taken to make this possible, but its all made so incredibly worth it, when you see the need and hear the joy that begins to break out after the meal each week. This week I’ve heard some tragic stories of life before France for these boys. I’m struggling with the conditions for their lives here, but too often I hear, this is bliss compared to that. So today as I rouse myself to do more shopping, to restock, I know in my heart of hearts that its a gift to be able to provide what we do for these awesome boys.

Tonight we will serve peanuts and a hot drink when they arrive, as they are very cold and hungry to begin with, then a hot meal of meatballs, with fresh tomato, garlic and pepper sauce, with rice and wrapped in a flat bread. Also a boiled egg. Followed by cake/fruit and/or chocolate, what ever is donated, which often they take with them for tomorrow.

If we have enough food let over, we make them a wrap/sandwhich to take for the following day too.

Regular items we try to have in the van are, razors, toothbrushes, and small packs of tissues. Then as often as possible, shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste. Again when possible, blankets or sleeping bags. They often don’t have anything to keep them warm at night. We also have basic supply of first aid, and clothing as and when donated.

You can imagine this all adds up. I try to find donations as much as is possible and of course, sometimes we just have to say, we can’t provide this or that at the moment.

But if you can help us, if you can buy a pack of toothbrushes? Or some wraps one week, then you are helping us keep this provision going. Just click on the link below to donate. Without you we can’t keep doing this. Thank you again for all you have given.

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