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Thank you!

We received a van full of donated blankets last week. Brian Donnelly, from London, brought a small team here, to deliver them. On our way to store them till needed, I suggested we just pop into some guys living on a small area of grass near the port. I thought maybe we’d distribute around 15 or 20 of them at best. But within minutes we gave out around 120! The lads just texted each other and the queue grew so fast. It was awesome to see their joy in receiving them, and also, to see the pleasure in the eyes of those who’d brought them. Giving and receiving are both such powerful emotions.

It’s hard to see the conditions that these lads are living in but it’s always so moving to connect with them, hear their stories and experience the miracle that they have created an amazing temporary family together and built a temporary home.

There is more need then we can meet and so we can be tempted to just steer away, overwhelmed or afraid to get involved. But I’m learning that there is a richness to be received when we dare press out into the uncharted waters of immense need and just learn to swim along side those who need friends to listen and encourage them, but above all to show real love through offering a welcome/ a bienvenue.

I’m so grateful for all they are teaching me, and for their presence in my life. I pray that i can communicate that, and that they will know how much they are teaching us and blessing us as a bless community.

The precious gifts of giving & receiving.

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